Food is not a luxury but a fundamental necessity. An estimated 20 crores of Indians struggle with hunger every day. Donating to the needy is a great way to improve the condition of society and the nation at large.

Feeding the poor is one of the leading services under the Trust. We focus on the distribution of food within the communities to eradicate hunger. We identify families facing food insecurity and divert our resources to them effectively through our dedicated Volunteers. Such charitable feed boosts health happiness, creates a stronger immune system, increases energy, and promotes goodwill in the community.

In the Ramakrishna Mutt, the Trust established and participated in an Annadanam scheme to feed the poor. The Trust strives to support the lives of 500 individuals through this programme, by providing them with fresh meals throughout the year.

The Trust also aims to counter malnutrition by providing nutritious and balanced meals to the poor section. The food is well packaged and delivered promptly through Dr. Y. V. S. Murty Charitable Trust.

Help provide access to healthy food to the needy. Help us put food on someone's plate today!