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'Because making someone smile is the greatest investment ever…..'

Dr. Y. V. S. Murty Charitable Trust firmly believes that every human being must live a dignified life. The Trust, a tribute to late Dr. Y. V. S. Murty was formed by late Dr. Y. V. S. Murty and his wife late Smt. Y. V. Lalitha Devi in the year 2020. Ever since, the Trust has firmly put its beliefs into action by participating in various notable causes. The Trust is steadfast in working together in an atmosphere of absolute respect, liberty, faith, and support.

The Trust initiated and participated in an Annadanam scheme of feeding the poor in the Ramakrishna Mutt. Under this scheme, the Trust touched the lives at the grass-root level by providing 500 people healthy and nutritious meals round the year.

The Trust has been providing lifesaving drugs and therapeutic facilities to assist the weaker section of society in the healthcare sector. The Trust has helped deliver auxiliary and supporting units to a charitable clinic located in a backward area Sultanpur near Parigi, run by a retired Government Civil Surgeon, Late Dr. B. N. Reddy, MS, MCh. In collaboration with the Dr. Y. V. S. Murty Charitable Trust, the charitable clinic has extended services free of cost to poor people. This widely-known clinic was visited weekly on an average by 80 to 90 patients for medical diagnosis. Late Dr. B. N. Reddy and his team perform free-of-charge surgeries every week for needy patients. Dr. Y. V. S. Murty Charitable Trust contributed by providing drugs and other medical facilities to such patients.

The Trust's commitment and desire for the betterment of society were boosted upon receiving a liberal donation of a generous sum of Rupees One Crore from Alkali Metals Limited, represented by its Managing Director, Sri Y. S. R. Venkata Rao.

Name Position Profile
Mr. S. R. Venkata Rao Yerramilli Trustee Mr. Y. Srirama Venkata Rao, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India), is a Technocrat and Second-generation entrepreneur. Aged 72, he has bagged prominent achievements in his lifetime and taken the Company to greater altitude through his vision and hard work. He serves Managing Director of Alkali Metals Ltd & Asian Herbex Ltd.
Mrs. Krishna Veni Yerramilli Trustee She is 70 years old and has an extensive business experience of more than 40 years. Director of CDC Industrial Infras Ltd, Asian Herbex Ltd, Balaji Agro Industries Ltd, Rao-San Films Pvt Ltd, Rao-San Infotech Pvt Ltd, Zigna Analytics Pvt Ltd, Zigan AI Pvt Ltd.
Mr. V. Prashanth Yerramilli Trustee Mr. Y. Venkata Prashanth, aged 44 years, is a Technocrat and Third-generation entrepreneur. He serves as a Director in M/s. Rao-San Infotek Pvt. Ltd., and M/s. Rao-San Films Pvt. Ltd.
Mrs. Lalithya Poorna Yerramilli Trustee At the young age of 45, she serves as a Director in M/s. Alkali Metals Ltd & M/s. Asian Herbex Ltd director of CDC Industrial Infras Ltd.. She has an experience of more than 20 years in the industry.


Dr Y. V. S. Murty Charitable Trust aims to aid in the growth of the nation by providing mankind access to basic human rights like food, healthcare, education and economic sustainability notwithstanding barriers of caste, gender or colour. The Trust will assist underprivileged people and health centres with adequate facilities, financial assistance and social support.


To achieve the aim of alleviating societal standards, the Trust has adopted following goals:

  • Countering hunger and malnutrition by providing nutritious food to the needy
  • Conceptualizing development of underprivileged children and youth through scholarships and assistance to educational institutions.
  • Counselling and financially supporting unemployed section
  • Catalyzing healthcare improvement through comprehensive diagnosis, medical care and support to health centres.